WSI Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Product Or Service Does Likeable Local Offer?

Likeable Local offers an intelligent social media marketing software in 2 packages, Expert ($149/month) and Pro ($399/month). The software includes the following:

– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn Integration

– Social Content Creation (Industry Specific & Automatically Scheduled)

– Facebook Advertising ($30/month for Experts, $100/month for Pros)

– The Referall Program and Offer Pages

– Social Listening Tools

– Mobile App

– Analytics and Success Reports

2. Where Can A WSI Consultant Learn More About Likeable Local?

For more information, visit

3. What Is The Special Offer That Likeable Local Is Giving To WSI Consultants?

WSI Consultants can offer Likeable Local's Expert Package for $149/month (retail $299/month) and Pro Package at $399/month (retail $599/month).

4. How Can I Make Money Selling Likeable Local?

Time=Money and Likeable’s software can save up to 10 hours/week on doing social media marketing for clients. As a WSI Consultant, you have the lowest prices on our software—upsell and profit! Please note, commissions are not currently offered to our WSI Partners.

5. Do I Need Any Specific Training Or Certification To Use Likeable Local? If So, Where Can I Access That Training And How Long Will It Take To Complete?

To use our software for yourself or a client, we recommend that you listen attend one of our live welcome webinars. We also host ongoing training on the platform and educational resources in the resources tab in the platform. After signing up yourself or a new client, we will direct you to sign up for or listen to an existing welcome webinar!

6. Is The Likeable Local Product Or Service White-Labeled With The WSI Brand Or Do I Present This As Likeable Local Brand Name Product/Service To My Clients?

We have both options available! We can co-brand our software with your logo and create a “super-user dashboard” where you can navigate between multiple clients from one login.

We have a dedicated support team here who is happy to work with your clients directly OR go through you for all inquiries related to your client’s accounts. Just let us know which relationship you prefer.

7. Where Can I Access Marketing Or Promotion Materials For Likeable Local?

Check out and on K2!

8. How Do I Log-In/Access To My Likeable Local Account?


Sign Up A New Account:

9. How Do I Purchase Likeable Local’s Product Or Service?


Step 1: Fill out sign up information form

Step 2: Fill out billing form (if we don’t have on file already)

Step 3: Give Likeable Local ( Facebook Admin Access

10. How Does Likeable Local’s Product Or Service Get Deployed To WSI Consultants? To End Clients?

To WSI Consultants: Sign up yourself at Fill out sign up form and billing form, then login credentials will be sent to you within 24-48 hours. You can use Likeable Hub via the mobile app or web app available at For WSI Consultants who do not have a Facebook page, only a personal account, simply sign up for Likeable Hub and then send an email with the username/email that you used to sign up and she will upgrade your account. WSI Partners can also take advantage of a special $50/month price just for partners.

To End Clients: Sign them up at Follow steps in Q# 9 above then await an email with client’s login credentials within 24-48 hours. That email signals that the account is activated with their Facebook page linked up. At this time, you can login and sync up client’s Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts as well. Once activated client’s content queue will start populating with content within 48 hours. TurboPost™ Ad technology will be automatically turned on, and Reverb tweet and LinkedIn enhancing tool is opt-in on the Settings page. Pro clients will have an initial strategy call with their Pro Consultant within the first week and set up weekly calls and/or expectations for Pro perk execution at 212-359-4342.

11. How Often Do You Post On Facebook Twitter And LinkedIn For Clients?

On both our Expert and Pro plans, content is auto-scheduled at the following frequencies:

Facebook: 2-3 times per week

Twitter: 3 times per day

LinkedIn: 5 times per week

On the Pro plan, there can also be up to 8 pieces of custom content scheduled a month.

12. Who Do I Contact For Support? Is Any Special Support Available To WSI Consultants?

Your dedicated support resource as a WSI Consultant is Shannon Rompala. You can reach her at or 646-798-0261.

13. Is Likeable Hub offered in other languages?

Unfortunately, at this time Likeable Hub is only available in English. Content posted through the platform of course can be in any language, but the platform user must be proficient in English, the idea library is English only, and our support staff is English speaking.

14. How do ads work with Likeable Local?

We cover the three different facets of advertising on Facebook. We help build your audience by running "page like" ads to get more people to like your page. We engage that audience by putting ad spend toward "boosting" your content, so your audience doesn't miss a thing. And we help grow your business by running "referral" ads, which help generate leads for your business. At the Pro level, your ad spend towards these three facets can be customized, and you can also work with your Pro Account Manager on non-traditional campaigns if you'd like. And of course, any account can choose to put additional ad spend behind their campaigns.

15. Do You Have Case Studies To Help Me With My Prospect?

We do have a great selection of case studies with examples of different results that can be found here. Due to our privacy policy with our clients, if you are looking for a case study in a vertical not already on our site, we cannot provide one. Keep in mind though that even if we don't have a case study for your specific vertical, you should still expect to see similar results across verticals.