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Matthew Weiss - Weiss & Associates PC, New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Matthew Weiss and his team at Weiss & Associates make up one of New York’s premier traffic law firms, dedicating themselves to handling vehicle and traffic law matters from motorists across the state. Their sparkling accolades and reviews highlight their professionalism and commitment, showing how they expertly handle the details of each case from start to finish. Since 2016, we’ve been partnering with Matthew to increase brand awareness - putting strategies in place to increase their social following and online engagement. Early this year, we at Likeable Local released our new platform with enhanced advertising technologies and integrations. We moved Weiss & Associates over to the new platform with a goal in mind - converting the online following we built into a steady stream of clients.

Matthew’s business achieved success on our old platform where we focused less on leads and more on building brand awareness. Through boosted advertisements and page like campaigns, we increased his following to 3,214 people! Since we already had a large and engaged audience, we worked with Matthew to shift focus and turn these likes into real-world clients. Using the benefits of the new platform, we proposed a multi-faceted ad campaign - complete with several complementary ad types, spend recommendations, projected results, and a follow-up plan.

Through focused ad campaigns and continued emphasis on relevant content, we’ve brought in a total of 16 new leads as of this writing! Our platform helped Matthew and his team reach out to these potential customers and identify which were good fits for his business. We used the unconverted leads to further hone our targeting to increase lead quality, while Matthew and his team nurtured the qualified leads into new business. Sometimes all it takes for a monthly subscription to Likeable Local to pay for itself is a single new client - within his first month running lead advertisements with us, we were able to deliver! We love seeing our clients receive leads that we can tie directly to their social media campaigns, but it gives us special delight to see those leads convert into sales. We think that social advertising should pay for itself and that is what we strive for.


"Likeable's sage advice has been invaluable, allowing us to both improve our Facebook presence and generate quality leads. We learned so much about the Facebook platform from them, and with their help, we executed an effective, three-prong strategy to generate quality traffic ticket client leads in addition to growing the size of our page."

Matthew J. Weiss


Matthew was looking to turn an active following into active clients, improving his marketing strategies to be trackable and even more effective. Here at Likeable Local, we love the challenge of shifting gears to improve another part of our customer’s strategy. No matter what your situation is, if social media is something you are looking to turn into a reliable ROI generator, our team is eager to help! Whether you are an automotive shop looking to increase service appointments, a realtor looking to sell more homes, an event venue looking to increase ticket sales, or almost any other sort of business, we look forward to helping you grow! If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.