How likEable local helped turn this hvac company's nomination into a win

Trademark Mechanical




Through the biting cold of winter and into the sweltering summer months, the folks at Trademark Mechanical provide HVAC products and services to the Inland Northwest - services built on unparalleled expertise and a compassionate value set designed to keep their clients happy and comfortable. Start with highly skilled technicians, add their dedication to energy savings and efficiency, and top it off with Trademark Mechanical’s 100% satisfaction guarantee - and what do you have? The 2019 North Idaho Business Journal’s award winner for Best Heating/Cooling Company!

When Trademark Mechanical first received their nomination for this award, we at Likeable Local made it our goal to ensure they won. We crafted a campaign that targeted past and present customers to inform them of the nomination and then followed up with a set of advertisements encouraging the people who showed the most intent to show their support by voting.



In our efforts to secure the title of Best Heating/Cooling Company in North Idaho for Trademark Mechanical, we created ads designed to draw in votes. Posts and advertisements were deployed regularly throughout the voting weekend to carefully curated audiences: we retargeted current customers by their email addresses, restricted the geo to the top locations where Trademark Mechanical serves, and took advantage of Facebook's lookalike audience builder to target the people most similar to their best customers. This hyper-targeting allowed us to focus on past and present customers, as well as anyone in the area who had caught wind of Trademark Mechanical’s reputation for high-quality installations and maintenance.

During the voting weekend, we were able to reach 8,498 people, and deliver over 18,000 impressions! As a result of this massive response, Trademark Mechanical received the highest number of votes and won the “Best Heating/Cooling Company of North Idaho!” award and are able to utilize this achievement to further bolster their notable reputation. Here are just a few examples of their promoted ads:

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Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 11.19.16

In our work with Trademark Mechanical, we were able to combine our offerings and experience with Trademark Mechanical’s achievements to help them win the recognition they deserve. Targeted ad campaigns, strategically crafted content, and well-timed scheduling proved to be a highly effective tool for the Trademark Mechanical team - garnering consumer support and confirmation of their excellent service.

Jennifer, Trademark Mechanical 

Jaclyn Keys

Over the course of the voting period, each time I went on Facebook I was presented with another one of your posts, encouraging people to vote for us. They were everywhere! We truly believe we wouldn't have won without your help."

At Likeable Local, we strive to improve and build on our past successes, learning new and creative ways to help our clients achieve their goals. We take our learnings from noteworthy clients and make sure that our next client is even more successful. To learn more about Trademark Mechanical, visit and like them on Facebook: If you want to hear more stories from successful clients check out how we were able to bring over 1000 leads in for EMRG Media, or how we worked with WSI Shop Keys to help them take their clients' social media to the next level! If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.