The Road to 1000 leads:

How split testing, big data, and an experienced team raised the bar for ticket sales

EMRG Media


EMRG Media provides marketing services for top venues throughout Manhattan as well as event planning services for corporations throughout New York City. Their customers rave about their unique and structured marketing strategies designed to ensure increased visibility, business productivity, fiscal security, and top-tier customer service.


When EMRG came to us, they were looking to promote an upcoming expo, garner interest in pre-sale tickets, increase attendance, and establish a substantial social media presence to prime future ticket sales. When contemplating the best strategy for EMRG’s needs, we took into account several considerations:

2. EMRG had already built out a landing page
on their website, but Facebook’s lead generation campaigns might allow us to capture more info
with less effort. Our next step was to determine which ad type would be the most fruitful.

1. EMRG was able to provide several customer
lists including: open house attendees, previous
expo attendees and exhibitors, people who had submitted inquiries about the event, and other

businesses they were looking to target to attend

the event. Our first task was to determine which audiences would produce the best results.

To determine the efficacy of each combination, we created a website click campaign alongside a lead generation campaign and split-tested both to gauge the interest of each audience. We learned that previous exhibitors and attendees were more likely to be interested in the upcoming event than the other audiences in consideration. We then made use of Facebook’s lookalike audience functionality to expand the target audience to those people who shared key characteristics with the winning customer list. Finally, we analyzed the results of the website click campaign against the lead generation campaign and determined that, though the website campaign was bringing in a large number of clicks, those clicks were not converting into form-fills as effectively as the lead generation campaign.







With these combined efforts and a sufficient budget, EMRG received over 1000 leads for pre-sale tickets. The campaign reached 34,632 people and achieved a CPL of $1.19 - far below the industry average! Optimized ads on Instagram provided over half of the 1,003 leads. We learned that the accessibility and self-contained nature of lead-generation ads made gathering leads across social media platforms easier than directing to an external website. By focusing on the patterns of participating individuals, we were able to focus our efforts on the most effective tools with amazing results.

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That's great!"


Mario was looking to turn an active following into active clients, improving his marketing strategies to be trackable and even more effective. Here at Likeable Local, we love the challenge of shifting gears to improve another part of our customer’s strategy. No matter what your situation is, if social media is something you are looking to turn into a reliable ROI generator, our team is eager to help! Whether you are an automotive shop looking to increase service appointments, a realtor looking to sell more homes, an event venue looking to increase ticket sales, or almost any other sort of business, we look forward to helping you grow! If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.