Why do our customers love Likeable?


"So far I am very enthusiastic about what we are putting online. So very happy to be working with Likeable in such a short period of time. Getting very good feedback from everyone who is seeing what we are posting."

-Jeannine Williams Design, Interior Design

"Likeable has saved me a huge amount of time in looking for and brainstorming fun content to share with our community. Using the idea library has been so helpful for me! I was trying to do social media myself, until a business coach said, if you looked at your resume, would you ever hire yourself for your social media marketing? Of course the answer was no! I'm getting more benefit from working with you than I did with a freelance PR rep too, and at a much more affordable rate."

-Barbara Schwartz, Accu Weight-Loss

"We are very active using the platform. You really have to be active on it and take control yourself to get the benefits."

-Dr. Charles J. Waisbren, MD

"The content produced by Likeble Local is great quality and helps cut down on time we need to dedicate to social media."

-Alan Jackson, Disc Replay

"Likeable has helped encourage more of our current customers to ‘like’ our Facebook page, and a few new patients have cited our Facebook page and ads as the sole way they heard about us . I’ve noticed the biggest responses on the page come from interactive posts and posts that include our own patients or staff members. Partnering with Likeable has helped me tremendously because I am a very busy office manager and don’t always have the time to search for online content to post."

-Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Townson

"Likeable Local has been terrific throughout this initial phase and very responsive to our needs, questions and ideas. We're very impressed with engagement levels."

-Dean Kessel, Owner of Toast Cafe of Cary

"We are looking to improve our engagement, and we are getting that through Likeable. The automatic boosting of all of our posts is the best thing for us, because it means we'll actually show up in our fans' timelines and get the engagement we want."

-Lisa, Flora Gems

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"I'm getting plenty of mandates to recruit for. My business has grown through social media. I am solidifying my presensence and the results are showing."

-Mylene Beaudoin, President of Mylene Recrute

"We really love the frequency of the posts and the increased engagement we received on our page. Our business is not that fun, and Likeable helped us become way more fun. We even had clients come into the office and comment on our social presence. Thank you Likeable Local!"

-Joshua Banda, Buckman-Mitchell

"Likeable has helped us so much because now we don't have to worry about managing our digital presence ourselves. It's so easy now that y'all just do it for us . And we've seen a ton of engagement so far."

-Dr. James Wells

"In addition to our other marketing efforts, Likeable helped us have something consistent online which is what I like. The regular postings have great content that keeps the page constantly updated."

-Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry

"Great. I really love the automatic postings that you do. Overall, Likeable has made us more updated because although we had a Facebook page before, now people actually send us messages and engage with the site."

-Dr. David M. Boyd

Our online presence is great now and gives us good exposure . The other day we got a personal thank you post on the page from a patient which I thought was nice to see customer engagement.”

-Borris Dental at Belmar

“Everyone in the office is in agreement that Likeable Dentists is a great marketing tool. Everyday we have more likes. Personally, I enjoy the articles that are placed by the Likeable team on our Facebook page each day”

-Dr. Frank Sawyer, DMD