How Likeable Local is helping retired educators succeed

PASR - Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees


Established in 1937, PASR (Pennsylvania Association of School Retirees) is an independent, voluntary member organization dedicated to supporting the goals and objectives of retired school teachers across Pennsylvania. Through dedicated volunteer work and countless generous donations, PASR has helped thousands of educators further their post-retirement goals. PASR turned to Likeable Local to help expand their reach and cast a wider digital net, reaching audiences that could benefit from their mission of helping retired public school employees enjoy a service-based, meaningful, and happy retirement.

Since early 2018, we’ve partnered with PASR to increase their online visibility and help in the acquisition of new members, targeting audiences that could take advantage of their wide array of benefits and retirement advising services. To do so, we led several page like, brand awareness, and web traffic campaigns designed to produce active and engaged members to increase the scope of PASR’s network.

In that time, PASR has acquired over 411 new pages likes, with 1,680 post engagements! Their campaigns brought in over 2,828 visitors to the PASR website, with an average CPC of just $1.38! The advertisements also generated interest on a broader scale, accumulating well over 100,000 ad impressions, putting the PASR name in front of tens of thousands of potential members. Due to the success of these campaigns, PASR has been able to increase its membership and work to better the lives of the retired public servants they support.







Through this partnership we were able to determine the best strategies for focusing our reach, targeting audiences that could benefit from PASR’s offerings, and producing active and excited members. Every day we learn more about which campaigns and techniques are most effective for PASR’s audience, giving us a clearer understanding of how we can adapt social media best-practices to serve PASR and its members.

PASR has a unique set of challenges to face when it comes to our communication needs.  One of our major challenges was simply having the time and resources to branch out into the social media world with our limited staff of six employees serving approximately 25,000 members.  The second major challenge was that, being a retiree organization, we needed a way to identify who our more tech-savvy members were and find a way to connect them to what used to be our very limited social media presence. Partnering with Likeable has helped us solve both of these issues. From day one, the Likeable team has listened to our needs and used our feedback to help us come up with an effective plan to achieve our goals.  Our social media presence has grown exponentially since we started with Likeable, and we are very happy with the results.

Jaclyn Keys

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