What is SMO?

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We're all heard of SEO. SEO is all about trying to optimize your website's rank in a search engine's organic results. You want to try to be as close to the top of the list as possible so that more people visit your website, engage with your brand, and buy your product. 

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is very similar, it's all about ensuring that your Social Media presence is as effective and profitable as possible. Websites are no longer a potential customer's first impression of a brand. Most people find out about a business and check out reviews, find them on Facebook, check out their instagram, or google them before finding their website. 

Determining your SMO Goals​
Before beginning to optimize, Likeable Local will work with you to determine the goals we're working towards. The most common goals are:
Keep your business consistently at the top of your audience's mind.
Turn past customers into return customers, receive new reviews, and get referrals.
Catch potential customers attention and collect their contact information.
Drive customers to make purchases through your online store or physical storefront.
Optimize Social Media Profiles​
Likeable Local will work with you to decide which networks are best suited for your business based on your goals and audience.​
We complete the 24-Point Facebook Facelift and use our SMO Checklist to ensure your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles are optimized for your goals. 
Tracking Every Result
You don't want to throw money away - we don't want to either. That's why we’ll help you install the Facebook pixel on your website which will allow us to track what Facebook users do on your site and measure how your social campaigns impact your bottom line. We’ll even provide you with advice on how to socially optimize your website for conversions.
Continuing Your Success
Forget having to follow changes to algorithms, newsfeeds, ad regulations, and more. We consistently re-review your social media profiles and strategies to ensure that we continue to meet your SMO goals and adapt to new ones. Social media is an ever-changing landscape and we’ll make sure you’re always on top.

Isn't SEO enough? 

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Google tries to show the search results that provide the most value to it’s users. Often, that means that Social Media profiles appear before a company's website. That’s because helpful information like location, patient reviews, and business type are all listed neatly on your company’s Facebook Business page. SMO is all about applying the same diligence to optimizing your Social Media profiles as you apply toward optimizing your website. We want to make sure that your Social Media presence is an asset your business - not a detriment. 

You Take Care of Your Business.

We Take care of SMO.

81 Point Optimization Includes

  • Core Components: Profile Picture, Cover Photo, Page Category, Page Name, CTA, Username

  • About - Page Info: Description, Page Story, "Located In" Descriptor, Contact Info, Public Transit Info, Impressum, Products, Overview, Awards, Privacy Policy

  • Page Settings: Verification, Privilege Settings, Country & Age Restrictions, Moderation Guidelines, Language Settings

  • Much More

SMO for Facebook
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42 Point Optimization Includes

  • Business Tools: FB Connection, Business Profile Category, Contact Info, Call/Text Option, 3rd Party Actions, Ticketing Apps

  • Privacy and Security: Tagging/Resharing/Reply Preferences, Story Controls, 2 Factor Authentication, Comment Controls

  • Settings and Payments: Link Bank/Card/3rd Party Payment Accounts, Photo ID Verification

  • Much More

SMO for Instagram
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26 Point Optimization Includes

  • Core Components: Profile Picture, Header Photo, Username, Bio, Theme, Location

  • Privacy & Security: Login Verification, Tweet Location, Tag Rules, Discoverability Settings, Direct Message Settings

  • Notifications: Email Settings, Browser Notifications, Notification Triggers

  • Hashtags: Selection/Strategy/Engagement

  • Much More

SMO for Twitter
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25 Point Optimization Includes

  • Core Components: Profile Picture, Cover Image, Public URL, Company Size & Type, Tagline

  • Buttons: Enable/Select Custom Button, CTA, Custom URL

  • Settings: Location & HQ, Hashtags, Groups to Showcase, Languages, Specialties 

  • Much More

SMO for LinkedIn
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20 Point Optimization Includes

  • Profile: Photo, Display Name, Username, About, Location, Featured Boards

  • Account Settings: Email, Country, Language, Contact Name, Login Options & Connectivity, Claim Website + Social Accounts

  • Privacy & Data: Notification Settings, Make Profile Indexable by Search Engines, Pinterest Partners

  • Much More

SMO for Pinterest
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So Why Should You Choose Likeable Local?
Spend Less Time

Stop stressing about what to post.  Stop worrying about finding time to take care of it.  Stop trying to figure out how to make money from social media.  We'll get you back to doing what you're best at - running your business.  We'll take care of your social media.

Get Better Results

You're not a social media professional, and that's ok - because we are.  We know how to turn your posts, your followers, and your social ads into leads and new business.  There's no need to reinvent the wheel - just take advantage of our expertise.

Stay In Control

We get it - social media is personal and you want it to accurately reflect your business.  That's why we take the time to get to know you.  You'll be proud of the work we do - hiring us is like hiring an in-house social media team, but at a fraction of the cost.

Let's Get Started.