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Local Search Essentials became a Likeable Certified Partner in July 2015 and within 4 months had dozens of clients onboard, becoming one of our Platinum Partners & earning our Featured Partner award. 

"Becoming a Likeable Certified Partner has helped us grow on a number of different fronts. The key is that many processes that were previously done manually are now automated. As we gain experience and master the Likeable Local software, the time spent per week per client has been reduced significantly." -Timothy Miller, CEO   
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Here's How Becoming a Likeable Certified Partner Has Helped Them Grow:  

  • "Access to experts who help with strategy planning, sales pitches, ideas, etc. "

  • "The Partner webinars are full of ideas & info that helps us increase sales, refine processes, improve customer service, increase customer retainment." 

  • "Relationships with Likeable’s experts resulted in referrals for other services we provide." 

  • "The software allows us to scale our sales efforts in specific verticals, reducing time and human resources needed to deliver solutions."

  • "The sales contests provide incentive & ongoing motivation for our business development team, resulting in accelerated volume of sales and cross selling opportunities for services that supplement and enhance our social media marketing efforts."


How has being Featured Partner helped your business?

"It has helped us increase our presence, and given us the opportunity to position ourselves as 'experts' to existing and potential clients. Being able to refer potential clients to an Inc. or Forbes article is powerful during the discovery and evaluation phase of our sales process - and helps increase the confidence of current client, which in turn results in increased retention."

What's your favorite thing about working with Likeable Local? 

 "Our favorite thing is probably the friendliness of Likeable’s staff. Everyone is always willing to lend a hand, share the expertise, and help in any way possible."
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