Likeable Local Customer Service Mode

Social Media is a fast moving target, that's why analysis, revision,and contingency planning are at the core of our customer service strategy.

Our Model


Launch with Likeable Local is like a boot camp for your business's social media. We'll deliver a 24 point Facebook Facelift, set up tracking to ensure measurable results, and work with you to ensure that we understand your voice - we'll build out your first round of social content and revise it as many times as it takes to get it right. 

Next, we'll dig deep into your initial results and perform a full diagnostic of your campaigns. We'll shift resources to the audiences that are providing results and discard those that aren't. Your dedicated account manager will also integrate retargeting campaigns into the mix ensuring that potential clients who have already expressed interest in your firm move to the front of the line. 



Our third phrase is all about results. Our platform's intuitive interface allows you to easily access lead information and bring in new customers. We'll dissect web traffic and create custom audiences based on intent to help us design micro-targeted advertisements - we'll even create a proposal to help you enhance your website for traffic from your social campaigns. 

With our partnership established and data fully integrated, we'll have the tools to develop fresh new campaigns and build on your success.