Small Budgets & Big Dreams -How Likeable Local Partners with Marketing Agencies to achieve customer success


Social media marketing is a critical component of any digital marketing strategy in 2019. So when Goran of WSI Digital Shop Keys came to us with the fervor and determination to build out his social media offerings - but lacking the tools to do so - we saw the potential for a successful partnership. How could Goran best leverage our platform to serve his clients? How could Likeable Local’s multifunctional platform and service package transform his social media management offering into one that is streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective? With the right tools in the toolbox, building a robust digital marketing solution can be a breeze!



QUESTION: What are the most effective tools Likeable Local has provided for serving your client base?

I work with so many different types of businesses here in Washington - businesses like roofers and contractors, dentists, real estate professionals, and restaurants. They have small budgets and big dreams - Likeable Local helps me make those come true.


I work with Likeable Local to create my clients' content, advertisements, detailed reports, etc. - and it’s all in one place for me to review with my clients. This system allows me to focus my efforts by staying on top of daily analytics,
editing and approving content posts and crafting advertisements all in one location.


As each of my client’s business grows, I’ve been able to utilize detailed analytics to determine next steps for each client,
strategically growing my consumer base. It’s pretty cool and my clients love seeing the results.


QUESTION: What tactical advantages has Likeable Local provided you with?

I know that Facebook is always evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with it all. With constantly moving regulations
and major changes at Facebook rolling out almost daily, Likeable Local’s staff has provided me with specialized advice for circumventing unforeseen challenges, creating the most advantageous opportunities for my clients. Likeable Local also provides me with custom created content, allowing me to craft each brand’s voice, style, and message - creating an individualized brand experience for each clients’ needs.



Goran Marinkovic

"I feel like I have a whole team supporting my business to help me and my clients succeed! Likeable Local has become a crucial part of my business-
and I love it!"


QUESTION: Have there been noticeable improvements? How so?

With this partnership, I’ve been able to see clear measured improvements in each brand. Through high-quality, engaging content and ads targeted to specific, lead-producing demographics, there have been measurable returns on investment from social media. Seriously, ROI from Social Media! With Likeable Local’s help, I’ve been able to streamline services, optimize effectiveness, and provide clients with the audience they need to grow their business.


QUESTION: What’s your favorite part about working with Likeable Local?

I feel like I have a whole team supporting my business to help me and my clients succeed! Likeable Local has become a crucial part of my business- and I love it!

At Likeable Local, we strive to improve and build on our past successes, learning new and creative ways to help our clients achieve their goals. We take our learnings from noteworthy partners like WSI Shop Keys and make sure their clients are even more successful. If you want to hear more stories from successful clients check out how we were able to bring over 1000 leads in for EMRG Media how we worked with PASR to create a custom strategy to boost page likes and engagement! If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.