Likeable Hub FAQs

+ How much does Likeable Hub Cost?

Likeable Hub comes in two main plans, Expert and Pro. Each offers a different level of customization and assistance to your business' social media.

Check out a side by side comparison on our pricing page.

+ What networks can I post to through your platform?

You can post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter automatically!

+ What is a TurboPost™?

TurboPost™ is a technology available through our platform that our crack team of web developers created for you! It automatically boosts (advertises) every post that gets published to Facebook, amplifies your Tweets by a magnitude of 5x, and magnifies your LinkedIn posts by a multitude of 5x! TurboPost™ for Facebook with included advertising spend is only a feature of our Expert and Pro Plans. To learn more about these, set up a one-on-one demo with our account team here.

+ Where can I view a tutorial of how to use Likeable Hub?

Need a refresher course on how to use Likeable Hub? Just go to settings and scroll all the way to the bottom. Click the slider to turn in-app tutorials on. If you want the complete video tutorial, check out this video!

+ How do I reset my password?

Oh no! Don't worry, here's what to do:

  • Go to the login screen, and look below the entry fields. There's an option that says "Forgot Password?"
  • Click that link.
  • You will receive an email at the address you used to set up your Likeable Hub account (if you signed up via Facebook, this is the same email that you set up your Facebook account with).
  • The email will have further instructions to reset your password.

If you don't get the email, reach out to and we can reset your password manually.

+ How do I update the email address associated with my account?

Unfortunately, at the moment it is currently not possible for users to change the email address associated with his or her account. If you would like to do so, you can reach out to or, for Experts and Pros, a customer success teammate, to have them change your email address manually.

+ How many Facebook and LinkedIn pages can I add?

You can add an unlimited amount of Facebook and LinkedIn pages to your Likeable Hub account.

+ I connected my LinkedIn but it says I need to reauthorize it. Why?

LinkedIn has different access rules to their social network than Facebook and Twitter. Every month or so, they make people who use third-party posting software log into their accounts to ensure that they aren’t a bot, spammer, or inactive on the network itself.

+ Can I add more than one Twitter Account?

You can only add one Twitter account per Likeable Hub account.

+ Can I tag another business in the posts that get published through Likeable?

Right now, our software doesn’t have the capability of tagging pages on Facebook. On Twitter, you can easily tag another business or person by typing the “@” symbol before their Twitter username.

+ Can I respond to commenters through Likeable Hub?

Yes! Just go to the Listening tab and choose which platform you want to view from the choices at the top. You can respond to commenters without ever leaving your Likeable Hub. You can also retweet, share, and favorite, all without leaving the platform!

+ What is Twitter keyword tracking?

Twitter keyword tracking is your key to listening and joining conversations, an important part of social media engagement. By inputing certain keywords that are relevant to you, you can see what's going on on Twitter in real-time.

+ Can I customize the type of news posts in my News Library?

You can! However, this feature is currently only supported in the mobile app (which you can get for iOS and Android). From there, you can customize your news posts by clicking on the "Tag" button and choosing the categories you'd like to receive news topics on. These new tags will also be reflected the next time you log into the web app.

+ What is a Likeable Hub Site?

More and more people are using their smart phones exclusively instead of going online with a computer. To ensure that we are reaching the customers where they spend their time most, you can create your very own Hub Site, which is mobile friendly, that will allow them to connect with you on all your social networks, get driving directions (or open their GPS), call your office or store, and visit your website as well as gather referrals, reviews, and contact information!

+ What is the purpose of the Add-Ons?

Add-Ons create a truly unique and interactive website to appeal to potential customers and makes you more accessable to them. Here's what you can do:

  • Create a "Refer-a-Friend" form
  • Create a Contact form
  • Create a "Leave a Review" form
  • Add a Twitter feed
  • Add a Facebook business page feed
  • Add an Instagram feed
  • Add a Pinterest feed
  • Add a LinkedIn feed
  • Add social links

  • I got a referral, now what?

Reach out! Whether you collect their email addresses or phone numbers, you need to make sure that you reach out to the referrer and the referral in order to convert your sale. The software won’t automatically contact the leads generated by your audience because it leaves room for you to contact them in your brand’s voice.

+ How often does Likeable Hub post on the different social channels?

For our Expert and Pro plans, Likeable Hub automatically schedules 10 Facebook posts/month (2-3 per week), up to 3 tweets per day, and 5 LinkedIn posts per week. Pro customers also have an option to get customized content from their Pro Account Manager. These post can be supplemented with your own content or ideas from our Idea Library. VIP customers must schedule their own posts and can schedule as many as they’d like!

+ What languages do you support?

Currently Likeable Hub only supports the English language. However, we do work with partners outside of the United States.

+ Are Facebook ads included in the monthly fee?

Yup! For Expert customers, $30 is included, and for Pro customers, $100 is included. You can purchase more ads, too! If you’re a VIP user, there’s (sadly) no included ads. However, you can always upgrade to our Expert or Pro plans to get that feature :)

+ Is page setup included?

For Expert and Pro customers, yes! If you need to set up any of your social media pages, a member of our Customer Success Team will help you out there as soon as you get started.

+ What types of content are provided?

We create content for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We have over 55 content category streams for you to choose from! Take a look at all we have to offer here.

+ How is Likeable Hub different than Hootsuite?

Unlike Hootsuite, Likeable Hub provides verticalized content for 55+ business types designed by our own Content Team. Plus, on our Expert and Pro plans, this content is automatically scheduled for you. Additionally, we provide Facebook + Instagram Ad spend in the price of subscription, and automatically promote your Facebook posts and strategically repeat posts on Twitter and LinkedIn to amplify your reach! To read more about the differences between Likeable Hub and other platforms, check out this blog post!

+ Are there resources for Likeable Hub users?

Yes! Check out the resource page for Likeable Hub users here to get all of the info you’ll need.

+ How do I upgrade plans?

To upgrade your plan from VIP to Expert or Pro (yay!) simply schedule a time to get set up here. To upgrade from Expert to Pro, email our Customer Success Team at and they’ll be able to help you.

+ How do I change the default accounts that are posted to?

If you would like to change the default accounts in Likeable Hub, visit the settings page and check the box next to the accounts you’d like! That’s in the upper right corner with the little gear.

+ Do you have a mobile app?

We do indeed! Check out our app in iTunes or Google Play (psst...or right here).

Are you a Likeable Hub user? Do you have more questions? Submit them here!

Likeable Hub is brought to you by these amazing people! Got a question? They've got answers!

Likeable Hub is brought to you by these amazing people! Got a question? They've got answers!