How partnering with Likeable Local quadrupled one marketing agency's social media profits


Building and managing a well-curated social media presence is critical to success when it comes to running a business in the digital age. Robert Messinger of Let it Be - Local helps connect businesses with the resources they need to succeed - in a big way. How does Robert manage to devise social media strategies, run paid ads on social, create engaging and relevant content, and provide his clients with detailed analytics reporting all while managing his clients’ SEO and building up their websites?  

With expert help!


"Little did I know three years ago when I filled out the form for a free consultation that it would become a way for me to add hundreds of dollars of new monthly recurring revenue every time I sold a new client on SEO or a new Website." Robert Messinger

Over the course of our 3 year long partnership with Robert, we’ve been able to provide his clients with complete social media management, crafting custom posts, pulling detailed analytics, and offering individualized advice on how to create an all-encompassing and fruitful social media strategy.

In the past year, Robert has worked tirelessly to expand the reach of each business he works with Likeable Local to manage. His overall social advertising CPL was $35.02, 29% below the industry average for dentists. Through traditional lead generation ads, his clients have seen high success rates for implant specials which drive leads at $70.05 per lead, creating (at minimum) a net revenue of $2,000 per new implant patient. His advertising portfolio garnered over 1,683,680 post impressions this year alone, with a total of 6811 clicks. More importantly, his agency procured an additional 2,122 followers for his clients, and gathered 180 leads for patients actively seeking dental treatments, thereby opening up new revenue streams for each business he manages. The value of engagement online can’t be understated, with Likeable Local’s help, Robert excels at ensuring that online actions translate to real-world earnings.











"Likeable Local, and especially Stefanie, has been a huge delight to work with. If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be able to capture as much of my market with social media services. They do everything for me after I sell the client: from posting to ads to reporting, all I need to do is worry about SEO and Likeable Local takes care of social. It's a really good addition to my packages." - Robert Messinger

Robert continues to grow his client base by offering social media management to more and more clients. As of this writing, Robert has quadrupled his profits from social media in the last 12 months. Here at Likeable Local, our passion is to help small businesses succeed on social media - partners like Robert enable us to fulfill our mission. Through this partnership, we’ve been able to provide our services to more eager clients than ever - clients looking to make a big change in how they are perceived and received online.





Robert Messinger

"What I didn't realize when I started that has made a huge difference for me is the degree of sales support that I get.  While I'm working on a proposal, the Likeable Local team is available to customize the social media management piece of my pitch- I just send them a link and they send me great materials that makes it easy for me to sell it in a natural way, integrated with the rest of my sales presentation."

At Likeable Local, we strive to improve and build on our past successes, learning new and creative ways to help our clients achieve their goals. We take our learnings from noteworthy partners like Robert Messinger and Let it Be -Local and make sure that our next client is even more successful. Explore more stories from successful clients like The Filling Station, or Trademark Mechanical by visiting If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.