If you’re not monitoring the Insights of your Instagram, then you’re missing out on key information that is vital in reaching your marketing goals. If you’re still using a personal account, switching to a business account unlocks a world of data available at your fingertips.

Here is how to use these Insights to help grow your Instagram presence:

























Under Audience, you’ll be able to discover the locations, ages, and gender of your followers. This helps you to make sure you’re reaching the right people and allows you to fine-tune your content to appeal to your core demographics. 


For example, if you have a dental practice in Burlington, Vermont but most of your followers are in Rhode Island, then you know you need to re-think your marketing plan. Focusing more on using location-based hashtags like #BurlingtonVT, posting about things in your community and tagging your location, or following other businesses in the area, can all help in localizing your account. Be sure to check back in a week or two to make sure that more and more followers are coming from Burlington. 


































Right under the demographics of your followers, you’ll see a timeline. Instagram has tracked when our followers are most active by days and times. Look closely at the hours and notice if there’s a pattern ...there likely is! Most businesses will find the sweet spot is from 11am to 3pm but you can use your personal insights to nail down an exact time to post for maximum engagement. 


If you commit to posting during your “sweet spot” you’ll likely notice an increase of engagement on your account. Don’t forget to track this over time as patterns may change.











Under the Activity tab, scroll down to Interactions. Here you can discover what actions users took on your profile. Everything from website clicks (if you have your website linked in your bio!) to emails sent to calls made to your office. This information is key to tracking your ROI and noticing trends. Pay attention to the weeks where you had better results than others. 


What did you do differently that week? What did you post that drove these actions? Here’s how to find out:



















Each post has its own set of Insights. If you tap on a post then tap “View Insights” you can also see the number of users who liked it, sent it to another person, saved it, visited your profile, and took an action. Make better use of your time when creating new posts by focusing your efforts on the themes that perform best.






















It’s easy to compare all the numbers and deem some posts as failures and others as winners. But in reality, it’s less about the specifics and more about the big picture. Look for overall patterns and focus on long-term goals like growing your followers and engagement and less on getting the “perfect” post. 

If you want to go even more in-depth about Instagram Analytics and how to improve your results, click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our social media experts. 

1. Find out who your followers are
2. Find your Golden Hour for publishing content
3. Track the actions
4. Compare your content 
5. Remember it's not a sprint, it's a marathon