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Ryan Malone, Sales Manager


phone: (646) 798 0234


"What does Likeable Hub for Dentists ACTUALLY do?"

  1. We start by building you an awesome, beautiful social presence or improving the one you have already across all the important channels.
  2. Then, we help you grow your social following, both with current and potential patients by using targeted social media ads and helping you get your current patients onto the Facebook page. 
  3. While we’re doing this, we post engaging content on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages and give you thousands of content ideas to supplement our posts with through your Likeable Dentists Hub.
  4. We also automatically amplify your reach on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with our TurboPost™ Technology.
  5. We create a Likeable Hub Site that we promote to help you generate referrals while also showcasing your practice to the world in a mobile-friendly fashion.
  6. We measure and share your success in easy-to-understand weekly success emails and through access to your custom Likeable Hub dashboard.
But we can do it on our own!
— All of your practices

Actually... They CAN'T!

In January of 2015, Facebook changed!

Now, unless their accounts are “boosting” every post, only 1-2% of your Facebook page’s audience will even see their posts, making their social media efforts virtually meaningless.

With Likeable Dentist’s Turbopost™ Technology, we AUTOMATICALLY boost every post that goes through our Likeable Hub platform, ensuring that their content will be SEEN.

Ask them if they are boosting their posts on their pages. If they’re not, THAT is why they need to talk to Likeable.

Likeable Client Examples

Click on the image to bring up examples of great Likeable Hub for Dentists clients! 

New Patients Through Likeable Hub for Dentists


Dr. Kristen Donohue of Sunshine Dentists drives new patients from Facebook directly and continuously is booking appointments directly from Facebook! 

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 3.57.05 PM.jpeg.png

Redford Dental Care Costmetic & IV Sedation Dentistry was able to land a new patient by engaging with their patients through Facebook Messenger! 


Dr. Sallyanne Bonner and Dr. Vincent J. Schaible were able to drive a new patient because of a recommendation from one of their patients on Facebook, a potential patient emailed in to request a consultation.  Additionally, if you read the conversation below, they were able to drive a new oral surgery client. 


Likeable Pricing and Fees

Likeable Hub for Dentists has three plans for your accounts that are billed monthly on their Henry Schein invoice. 

Likeable Concierge is our high-end package for practices who want added custom content, community management, and the full suite of Likeable Local products and services. 

Likeable Hub Pro is our premier package for practices who need more of a digital strategy. This would be perfect if they were looking for custom content, website help, blogging, and personal guidance.  They get a dedicated Pro Account Manager who works on their account specifically. 

Likeable Hub Expert is our package for the practices who want to save time, advertise, and streamline their social media efforts. 

How to Get in Touch With Us

Your practices can always request a demonstration on our website or by clicking the button below.  If you have a lead that you want to talk to us about, you can email with the name of the practice, the contact and the number, and we will call to set it up. 

We take your practices who are interested through a 20 minute demonstration over the computer and the phone and walk them through all of Likeable Dentists. 

Looking forward to working together! 

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