Better Planning - Better Results

Your team of social media experts will carefully analyze your social presence and determine the best path forward given your unique set of goals. Our customized strategy for your business will focus on the results that matter: leads, consultations, clients, and sales. 



Launch with Likeable Local is like a boot camp for your business's social media. We'll deliver a 24 point Facebook Facelift, set up tracking to ensure measurable results, and work with you to ensure that we understand your voice - we'll build out your first round of social content and revise it as many times as it takes to get it right. 

Next, we'll dig deep into your initial results and perform a full diagnostic of your campaigns. We'll shift resources to the audiences that are providing results and discard those that aren't. Your dedicated account manager will also integrate retargeting campaigns into the mix ensuring that potential clients who have already expressed interest in your firm move to the front of the line. 



Our third phrase is all about results. Our platform's intuitive interface allows you to easily access lead information and bring in new customers. We'll dissect web traffic and create custom audiences based on intent to help us design micro-targeted advertisements - we'll even create a proposal to help you enhance your website for traffic from your social campaigns. 

With our partnership established and data fully integrated, we'll have the tools to develop fresh new campaigns and build on your success.




The Social Media Solution

You've Been Looking For

We realize that social media should be about more than hashtags and likes, so we focus on what really matters: more leads, more customers, and more sales. 

Facebook Managers and Helpers

Integrated Content That Saves Time

We have a massive library of content that’s designed to educate and entertain your audience.  And with support for over 75 different verticals, there’s a category appropriate for any kind of business.  Once you’ve selected your favorite categories, we'll post that content to your social media feeds throughout the week.

Content Library with Automatic Posting

preview content or post right away

simply click to add a content category


Control Facebook Post Times

choose when we post for you



A Month's Worth Of Content 

You'll see exactly when your content is scheduled to hit your feeds.  You can filter, edit, or delete content as you see fit, retaining control of your brand image.  Toggle from the "month view" to the "week view" to get a more detailed snapshot of what's about to get posted.  You can even create and schedule your own posts any time you want through the compose box.

Facebook Content Calendar


edit or delete any

scheduled post 

choose what to see - ads or content

Facebook Content Creation


schedule your own content in advance

click here to compose your own posts


Your Engagement Clearinghouse

The Message Center aggregates all of the comments and engagement you'll get on any of the posts made through the Platform.  Communications from Facebook Messenger as well as Facebook Reviews also show up in the dashboard.  Never miss out on an opportunity to connect with your audience, thank them for a great review, or continue the conversation.

Facebook Message Center

see all comments & respond directly

toggle between comments & reviews



Better Ads Planning - Better Results

Through Facebook's API, the Platform allows us to create and manage Facebook and Instagram ads in-app.  The Ads Planner feature makes devising and executing on a monthly ads plan quick and effective.  Know exactly what portions of your budget are going towards page growth, engaging with your audience, or generating new customers...and of course, we'll do it all for you!

Facebook Ads Planning Help

see the focus for your ad campaign

see how we're allocating ad funds


Facebook Ads ROI

we confirm the plan, then create your ads



Track Your Results In Real-Time

Forget about having to wait for someone to email you an end-of-the-month report.  Simply log into your account and track your results as they're happening.  See how your pages and following are growing, get insights into which posts are the most engaging, and watch your leads populate in real-time.  

Facebook Analytic Software

track total page growth & views

see how well each post performed


Facebook Lead Generation

track the leads your ads generate


So Why Should You Choose Likeable Local?
Spend Less Time

Stop stressing about what to post.  Stop worrying about finding time to take care of it.  Stop trying to figure out how to make money from social media.  We'll get you back to doing what you're best at - running your business.  We'll take care of your social media.

Get Better Results

You're not a social media professional, and that's ok - because we are.  We know how to turn your posts, your followers, and your social ads into leads and new business.  There's no need to reinvent the wheel - just take advantage of our expertise.

Stay In Control

We get it - social media is personal and you want it to accurately reflect your business.  That's why we take the time to get to know you.  You'll be proud of the work we do - hiring us is like hiring an in-house social media team, but at a fraction of the cost.

Let's Get Started.