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A Social Media Platform 

That Scales With You

From integrated content, to automated scheduling, to intuitive ads planning, we make it easier for you to manage more clients with less effort.

Social Media Software for Agencies

We've designed our Platform with Marketing Agencies in mind - managing your book of business has never been quicker, easier, or more intuitive.  

With robust CRM-like features, easily manage your team, their workflow, and the clients they own.  Search through your entire client list with ease, filtering and sorting based on whatever criteria is important at the time.  The platform is designed like a web browser - tab out accounts and quickly toggle between clients.

Client Management
Client Management CRM

Our integrated content subscriptions make it easier to manage more customers with less effort.  A never-ending supply of educational, informative, and industry-specific content can be selected and scheduled automatically.  Spend more time on strategy and less time hunting for appropriate content.

Integrated Content
Integrated Content Library Facebook Posts

Our intuitive Facebook & Instagram Ads Planner makes it quick and easy to allocate monthly funds and create targeted ads across your entire client base.  Automatically save and re-use successful ad campaigns to speed things up.  Our platform is more efficient than using Facebook Ads Manager alone. 

Monthly Ads Planning
Facebook Ads Manger Planner

Every Likeable Partner is eligible to receive one of the highest commission rates on Facebook ad spend in the industry.  We manage all margin and reporting for you, and payment is quick and easy - commissions are deposited directly into your bank account in real-time as ad funds are charged.

Lucrative Ad Commissions
Client Billing Management

Platform-wide white-labeling comes standard for all Likeable Partners.  Your logo and branding will be used across all client-facing materials, from the dashboard, to the sign-in screen, to the automated reports.  Your firm gets all the credit - it'll look like you developed the technology driving their incredible results.

White Labeled Social Media Software

Even though your clients can log into the Platform at any time to track their progress, you can set up reports to get automatically emailed to your clients at whatever frequency works for you.  And of course, you can control what's included in the reports and as always, they'll be fully white-labeled.

Automated Reports
Facebook Reports and Analytics Software
We Support You As Our Partnership Grows

We know that growing and maintaining a successful agency is hard work.  Delivering on expectations never ends and the stress of finding new clients is ever present.  That's why every Likeable Partner gets access to:

Pricing Strategy Review and Implementation


Client Management Tips & Tricks To Reduce Churn


Lead Generation & Sales Process Best Practices


Setting Expectations To Get More Upsells & Cross-sells


...and more!

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