What Is Likeable Local?

Likeable Local is a software as a service (SaaS) firm on a mission to transform small businesses into #LikeableBusinesses. We provide three plans of our powerful platform and easy to use mobile app, Likeable Hub.

What is Likeable Hub?

Likeable Hub is our powerful platform and easy to use mobile app for social media management. Our features include content creation, post amplification, analytics, and more. To learn more, click here!


how can i learn more?

To learn more about our Expert, Pro and Concierge plans, schedule a demo now. 

What platforms does Likeable Hub post to?

Likeable Hub posts to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our TurboPost™ technology automatically amplifies your reach on all three networks. On our Pro plan, our team can work with you to optimize Instagram, Pinterest, and your blog as well!

What is TurboPost™?

TurboPost™ is a technology available through our platform that automatically boosts (advertises) every post that gets published to Facebook, amplifies your tweets by a magnitude of 5x, and magnifies your LinkedIn posts by a multitude of 5x as well! For more details, go here!

How Much Does Likeable Hub Cost?

Our  different Likeable Hub plans range from Expert ($299/month), and Pro ($599/month). Check out our pricing matrix for more information on what's included in each.

What's the difference between the different plans?

The 3 plans are geared towards customers with different levels of expertise and time to do social media, and include varying levels of support, content, advertising spend, and more. The Expert plan is perfect for someone looking for additional support  in the areas of content creation and advertising. The Pro plan is awesome for the business looking to kickstart their social with customized content, strategy & consulting, and custom advertising. You can check out this comparison between the different plans for more details!

How is likeable hub different from Other Social Media Tools?

Likeable Hub incorporates an intelligent combination of features that will set you up for success. Some unique features to Likable Hub include our TurboPost™ technology,  Likeable Hub Sites (mobile website + landing page builder + social hub), and robust content library. Here’s a helpful article that compares the different social media tools out there.

How Do I Get Support as a Likeable Hub User?

If you need help as a user, reach out to success@likeablelocal.com and we'll be happy to help you with what you need!

Where Can I Find Free Social Media Resources?

Glad you asked! Check out our Resource Center here.

Are You Hiring?

We're a fast-growing company and we're always looking for great new team members. Our available positions are all listed here.

Do you have a reseller/partner program?

That's a great question! We do, in fact, have such a program. Find out more here!

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