Facebook 102: Posting on Facebook

So, you’re on Facebook and you presumably have already found some of your friends on the platform as well. What’s next? Maybe you would like to let your friends know what’s on your mind. This can be done through posting a status update which will appear on your profile, as well as in your friends’ news feeds. The image below shows where to get started:

As you can see from the image, you can just enter a plain text status or you can also spice up your post with photos and video. Additionally, there is the option to tag people people you are with, indicate how you are feeling, and check in your location. These options are going to be the small icons next to the camera in the above image. Facebook also lets you filter who can see your status updates and this can be done by clicking on the “Friends” icon in the above image.

After clicking the “Friends” icon, this drop-down menu will appear and you can then tailor the audience for your update. As with any social media platform, please be careful what you post! Your employers, future employers, and even your parents might be on Facebook so always be judicious when posting. 

In addition to posting statuses, you can also post to other people’s profiles which will appear on their timelines. As with posting to your own profile you can add photos/videos and other content. Your friend will then receive a notification that you posted something to their timeline and can reply accordingly.

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