Dave Kerpen Likeable Social Media

As the founder of Likeable Local, and the cofounder and Chairman of Likeable Media, Dave has established himself as a force of people skills and business acumen in the ever-evolving social media world. Dave thrives at the intersection of likeability and ambition, where he has forged his own role as an expert and leader.

Dave’s four books have sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and have been translated into 14 languages. His newest book, The Art of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want, is out now.

When it comes to making yourself relevant in this new social-media-driven-world, nothing matters more than how you connect with people. No amount of investing or research and development can take you further in life than connecting to and getting along with those around you and those you want to make customers. Dave knows that, and speaks around the world teaching the skills you need to be a connector. Let’s get together and start a conversation that your customers will value.