New Year New Business: How This Family-Owned Design Company Has Already Grown in 2018

Joe Breithaupt - JEB Design/Build


"Our increased social media presence keeps us front-of-mind and maintains our thought leadership in the community."

JEB Design/Build is a full-service, family-owned building company in Northwest Louisiana founded by Joe Breithaupt in 1953. Their goal going into 2018 was to increase their social media presence to drive
in business through online ads. Incorporating JEB's great sense of humor, we went to work on a few ads, focusing on their passion for home transformation. 

JEB Design/Build has a fantastic team and a diverse portfolio of work. They serve families across the greater ArkLaTex and Shreveport/Bossier City Metro area and have played a large role in reinventing older communities. Their work includes gourmet kitchens, luxury baths, family rooms, and much more!

Starting on New Year's Eve, we employed a diversified content strategy on Facebook incorporating GIFs, videos, and a variety of advertisements to increase engagement and page likes. Our Content Team worked in concert with JEB's Customer Success Manager and came up with a series of posts that could be supported by hyper-targeted advertisements. This work brought in 11 leads and created heightened brand awareness by reaching thousands of people.

Last but not least, we optimized 2 advertising campaigns for video views featuring JEB's President, Jeb Breithaupt. The video campaign performed very well, bringing in an additional 1,132 paid video views on top of their already impressive organic reach numbers. 







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"We love Likeable Local for its 'set it and forget it' convenience. It's like turning on your slow cooker at the beginning of the day when heading out to work - you know that you'll come home to a great dinner."

JEB Design/Build is on an upward trend as we help them continue to recruit more customers through online advertising. As
we continue into 2018, we look forward to creating more content for JEB and watching them thrive. We take our learnings
from star clients like JEB and make sure that our next client is even more successful. If you want to hear more stories from successful clients check out how we were able to bring over 1000 leads in for EMRG Media, or how we worked with Matthew Weiss to create a custom strategy to boost page likes and engagement! If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.