At Likeable Local, we've been building social media content since 2012. We make keeping up with Facebook's ever changing content guidelines our job - so you can do yours. 

Social Media Content Library

Content Library

No matter which of our packages you choose, you'll have access to our industry leading social media content library where you'll find more than 10,000 pieces of purpose-built social media content written by our team of copywriters and designers located right here at our office in Portland, Maine. 

Custom Content Creation

Picky clients? Likeable Local has you covered. We'll write fresh, customized, brand-specific content for your clients each month. We'll work directly with your clients to learn about the latest specials and events that they are looking to promote. The content and undergo our rigorous editing process - don't worry, we can still send them over to you before they get to your client if you like.

Custom Design Work

Not everyone has a graphic designer on staff. That's why we'll provide you with custom built partnership materials. We'll make sure that you're well equipped to sell your product, announce your new social media tool, reach out to prospective clients, and pitch them on your new offerings. 

Scheduling Center

Our comprehensive service offering is coupled with our proprietary web app. You'll be able to see all of your clients' posts in one area, easily toggle between clients, and see advertising results all in one screen. 

Socia Media Scheduling Center