Concert Dental Labs

Dental Lab

Concert Dental Labs provides the tools to ensure their dentists use the best of the best in technology. In the year they’ve been Likeable, they’ve expanded their reach to dentists exponentially and built a professional presence on social media.

Since starting with Likeable:


-4.9 out of 5 star Reviews

-About 24 interactions per post

Dentists are constantly impressed with the quality of Concert Dental Labs’ work! With an active Facebook page via Likeable Local, they now have a platform to show off all of that positive feedback:

“Just wanted to give a special shout out to Concert Dental: the fit and beauty of the porcelain crowns I've received from them have been absolutely PERFECT! I always feel super-confident that the expertise of their team enables me to give my patients the extremely high quality dental care my treasured patients deserve when they visit me.”

– ‎Waneta Golden Chenault‎