The road to success - Reviving a legacy

Jim Davis, Vintage Metal Works Georgia

Nestled in the original A.D Bolton Chevrolet dealership, VMW Georgia rests on a foundation of automobile royalty. With workmanship and dedication to vintage car restoration, Jim Davis founded VMW Georgia with the intention of bringing legendary automobiles back to the streets. The VMW Georgia staff has earned glowing reviews touting their masterful metalwork, unparalleled professionalism, and friendly service. This left us with the challenge of utilizing online marketing strategies to pair VMW Georgia with customers who echoed Jim's dedication to revitalizing an auto legacy.

Since signing on with us in September of 2018, we’ve worked with Jim to increase visibility for the business, first by growing their social following and then by launching lead generation campaigns directed at motor enthusiasts. Our strategic plan involved coupling awareness ads and website traffic campaigns with lead generation ads to drive potential customers and clients to both their social media pages and their website. We wanted to cast a wide net to car enthusiasts looking for comprehensive metalwork, or those seeking vintage car repairs.

In just four months, we grew their page from 56 followers to 792 followers - a whopping 1,314% increase! As a result of increased traffic, they have received 14 new project inquiries to their social media pages - leads from excited individuals interested in metalwork for their Mopar projects. Website traffic campaigns aimed at drawing more customers to their website have produced 1,322 clicks, resulting in a cost of only $0.26 per click. Due to the success of these campaigns, Jim and VMW Georgia are starting three new metalworking and restoration projects in the upcoming month.


Through these campaigns, we were able to analyze the most effective methods for increasing brand visibility. We worked to target audiences that would yield the most lead conversions and potential referrals through interest and engagement in VMW Georgia’s mission. These analytics have produced valuable insight into why these campaigns were so successful, and how we can continue to improve and adapt to Jim Davis and VMW Georgia’s changing needs.

"The classic car and MoPar fandom is far reaching but I'm surprised with all the success we're getting from our campaigns. A lot of people have been messaging me, some things are within my skill set and others aren't. The great thing is that our community is so large and based so heavily on referrals that even if it's something I don't offer as a service, if they like interacting with me they'll come back when they have a project that's in my wheelhouse."

Jim Davis

At Likeable Local, we are always looking for new ways to improve and build on our past successes. We take our learnings from noteworthy clients like VMW Georgia and make sure that our next client is even more successful. If you want to hear more stories from successful clients check out how we were able to bring over 1000 leads in for EMRG Media, or how we worked with Weiss & Associates to create a custom strategy to boost page likes and engagement! If you’d like to learn more about our plan to take your business to the next level, click below to schedule a least-pressure-you’ve-ever-felt consultation.