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Success Through
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We get you new customers through:
  • Targeted Facebook Advertising
  • Automatic Social Media Updates
  • Exclusive Educational Webinars
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Our Likeable Customers
    “Your site is so easy and user-friendly, it's better than Facebook itself. I stopped using Facebook because it kept changing so often, but this is fantastic!”
    Mandee, Allure Family Dentistry
  • Our Likeable Customers
    “By displaying and wearing our Likeable Dentists materials we have been able to get our current patients to LIKE our Facebook page. Taking pictures of our patients with the materials has also provided us with ways to incorporate personalized content on our Facebook page.”
    Dr. Matthew Warner, DDS, Willoughby Dental
  • Our Likeable Customers
    “Likeable Dentist and Facebook are a great combination. We have reached many of our patients with education and anecdotes that we couldn't have done in our office. Having the ability to go to additional websites from an article in Likeable Dentist is another teaching tool that can be used if patients are interested. It is a great investment.”
    Barbara Kogut, Frank M Sawyer DMD
  • Our Likeable Customers
    “I attended a seminar by Likeable Dentists and found it to be thoroughly enjoyable. I learned ‘a ton’ and my staff was amazed at how fast it seemed to go by. If you're interested in improving your status in the realm of Social Media I would highly recommend attending a course with Likeable Dentists CEO Dave Kerpen.”
    Michael Young, DDS, Forever Young Dentistry
  • Our Likeable Customers
    “It helped our office to reach out more to our patients and established our existence somewhat in Facebook. Also taking pictures with our patients brought us closer to the patients and many of them enjoyed the experience.”
    James, A Plus Dental