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Our page has been getting a lot of feedback. Even in the short time we’ve been with you guys, a lot of people have been coming in and saying they found us online through our ads or their people commenting on our posts. It’s been amazing going from 14 likes to 165 in a few month’s time.
— Arctic Circle Dental
Everyone in the office is in agreement that Likeable Dentists is a great marketing tool. Everyday we have more likes. Personally, I enjoy the articles that are placed by the Likeable team on our Facebook page each day.
— Office of Frank M. Sawyer, DMD
After only 7 days, I have already started to see increased traffic on my Facebook page. Working with Likeable Local has helped me increase my like count by 15 and caused my page to be seen 2080 times. As I become more familiar with the Likeable Local software, my Facebook efforts are going to become more efficient. I am very excited to learn how I can better integrate Facebook into my inbound marketing strategy using the help of Likeable Local.
— Quincy Tutoring

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